The Ottakringer Brewery in the 16th district hosts a variety of different festivals, concerts, and events throughout the year. The Feschmarkt, an event that takes place at least twice a year in June and November, brings definitively indie/alternative Viennese artists together in a space with its very own style and flare – the artists set up their wares and everyone files past, touching and talking and wondering in a very easy-going environment. On tap at the Feschmarkt were textiles, paper goods, jewelry, furniture, lighting, accessories, organic food, vegan and vegetarian meals, desserts galore, and, of course, a selection of the Ottakringer Brewery’s finest.


I was really happy to discover a thriving community of artists and inventors in Vienna – the Feschmarkt is at once a glorious event and a calling card, drawing attention to the talent and craft spread about the city. While I didn’t indulge in any of the material goods, I did devour some delicious food including Thai-inspired sandwiches (think fresh parsley and a hint of heat), a cheddar scone, cake pops, and a cheddar-smothered hot dog (I miss cheddar cheese!). The food was just as inspired and alternative as the art and I was very happy to take part in tasting! Additionally, wandering through the brewery itself was fun. It is a great space with a lot of character. I am happy to say that the Feschmarkt was well attended – I visited on two of the three days of business and there was a solid turnout and now I am eagerly awaiting the next event!

Check the Ottakringer Brewery website for upcoming concerts and events!


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