Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Those of us hankering for turkey with gravy, sweet potatoes, mash, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie have a surprisingly wide selection when it comes to celebrating Thanksgiving in Vienna.
The following restaurants in Vienna put out all the stops:
Marriott am Parkring has two options: a Candlelight Thanksgiving Dinner for 53 Euro per person on November 28, 29, and 30 or a buffet dinner at the Champions Restaurant (with NFL accompaniment!)  for 29 Euro per person on Thanksgiving Day.
TGIF: Although it may not sound exciting to eat at an American chain restaurant abroad, TGIF does offer “the works” for 19 Euro.
FRANK’S is an American Bar and Restaurant particularly good for steaks (including dry-aged) that offers a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at 29 Euro per person.
For 41 Euro per person you can also spend Thanksgiving on the Danube aboard the DDSG Blue Danube – though the menu looks suspiciously Austrian (blood sausage has never been a staple on my family table).

I chose to eat my Thanksgiving dinner at FRANK’S in lieu of struggling with a frozen turkey and fixing all the trimmings for one – and I was really happy with the friendly service, delicious food, gracious portions, and attention to detail:FotoFRANK’S really got it right with two minor infractions: 1 – as far as I know the standard greens on the Thanksgiving plate are generally green beans, and 2 – the pumpkin pie could definitely benefit from a hit of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and/or ginger.
I would highly recommend FRANK’S to anyone looking to celebrate or even just prolong the celebrations – dinner is also offered on the day after Thanksgiving.
Very thankful for the wonderful meal and looking forward to next year already!


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