Breakfast Time

One of my favorite luxuries in life is going out for breakfast. Breakfast is a deceivingly simple meal and a typical American breakfast is far removed from a typical Austrian one. While I used to miss some of my staples (pancakes, omelettes, homefries), I’ve grown to enjoy the Austrian variety greatly – and at the Palmenhaus in Vienna’s first district luxury is the word (the other word is delicious).

Foto (5)When it comes to luxury, the Palmenhaus has inherited a great tradition. Located in the Hofburg palace gardens, the Palmenhaus originally served as a royal greenhouse enjoyed by the Emperor and his esteemed guests. According to the cafe’s own website, the structure was rebuilt in 1901 in the Jugendstil style for which it is well known and appreciated today. In addition to the cafe, the structure also houses plants for use at official functions as well as the butterfly house.

Foto (1)The structure itself is impressive flanking one side of the immaculately curated palace gardens:

Foto (2)Needless to say, the Palmenhaus is dripping with ambiance and a style all its own; it is both peaceful and chic, stately and modern. True to its name, the Palmenhaus is home to lush vegetation:

Foto (3)It is, indeed, decadent to say the least – from the exotic collection of tropical butterflies wheeling and fluttering past the windows to the space itself which radiates with natural light…and the food isn’t half bad either! In fact, I was very impressed with the sizable portions and the freshness of the baked goods. The food was presented beautifully and I took my time enjoying it.

Foto (4)I do suggest making a reservation as the Palmenhaus is an institution and a tourist attraction. While I can only speak for the wonderful breakfast that I had, the Palmenhaus also serves lunch and dinner and I daresay I’ll be making a reservation soon!


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