Restaurant Week Comes to Vienna!

Restaurant Week has become an institution in cities all over the world. I had my first Restaurant Week experience many moons ago in Burlington, Vermont and I am very happy to see that the sentiment is shared across oceans – particularly in a city like Vienna where the culinary delights abound. Restaurant Week is simply a fun way to drum up interest and business – customers are offered speciality menus at reduced prices in order to encourage culinary exploration and fine dining. This year’s Restaurant Week features a wide variety of restaurants that range from the Austrian kitchen to the Dalmatian coast and beyond – and I am going to get mine! First on the list is Die Winzerei located in Grinzing so expect a resturant review in the weeks to come! A 3- course lunch for the price of 19,90 or a 3-course dinner for 29,90? Why not both?! Check out to learn more about participating restaurants and make your Restaurant Week reservations for February 15 – February 25! Bon appetit! Mahlzeit!


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