On Foot from Kahlenberg to Grinzing

Kahlenberg is a beautiful green space above the city that boasts a gorgeous and expansive view of Vienna. There are many paths – from the ambling kind to the challenging hiking kind – that diverge from Kahlenberg and yesterday I took the vineyard route to Grinzing. There is nothing particularly challenging about this 30 minute walk aside from chronically bracing yourself as you navigate some steep inclines. The path does, however, offer some breathtaking views of the city as well as the occasional Heuriger that neccesitate a pitstop or two, easily transforming a 30 minute walk into an afternoon well spent. I enjoyed a couple of delicious hours at the Heuriger Hirt – a slight deviation from the Kahlenberg → Grinzing track. The wine was light and fresh and the view was inspiring:

We were joined by young deer, pheasants, and a beautiful golden light that cast the city in a sunset shade as we wended our way back to Grinzing, bellies sloshing. The vineyards themselves are very impressive – immaculately curated and lush with grapes – and they make quite a contrast with the busy city that lies at their feet. As the sky darkened, Vienna turned the lights on and began to shimmer and shine at the foot of the hills like an inverted sky. It was a beautiful walk on a beautiful day in a beautiful city at a beautiful time of year – four times beautiful.


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