Since February I have been on a quest to find the elusive Popcorn Milka chocolate bar. I glimpsed it once – on the shelves of my neighborhood Mueller – and penniless, I promised myself I would return as soon as possible to make it mine. While I may not be an avid chocolate fan, I love popcorn and the combination was intriguing and delightful – and soon became an obsession. Upon my triumphant return to the store, said chocolate bar had disappeared from the shelves. When I asked the sales clerk when the next shipment could be expected, I was met with confusion. When I mentioned it to friends and acquaintances, they questioned my sanity (and my taste) and wished me luck on what was assumed to be a fruitless hunt. The popcorn chocolate bar became my Yeti, my Nessie, my Boogeyman – I needed to confirm its existence, photograph its footprint, get proof! I wandered the aisles of every Mueller, BIPA, DM, Spar, Billa, or Merkur I came across for a glimpse of that sweet purple foil studded with the popcorn kernels of my dreams. Did I imagine it? Was it every really there or was it a product of my Viennese-adled brain lusting after that quintessential, North American movie-going treat?

Foto (1)
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the fodder of my feverish nightmares and imaginings over the last several months – the proof, the pudding: the Popcorn Milka chocolate bar.

Edit September 16, 2013: At my mother’s request, I would like to mention that the popcorn chocolate bar is delicious – the perfect combination of sweet and salt. The only question that remains to be answered: is the popcorn carmelized? I will have to do more research (read: devouring) to find out.


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