Waldseilpark Kahlenberg

Kahlenberg is well-known for its beautiful hiking trails and magnificent views, sloping vineyards and myriad of Heuriger but recently I discovered another way to spend a day on top of the hill. Waldseilpark Kahlenberg is a tight-rope/zipline course strung between the trees in the Vienna Woods (Wiener Wald). Visitors strap themselves into a harness and are let loose on a series of courses that range in adventure and ability – those colored blue for beginners, red for the daring, and black for the adrenaline-seekers among us.

Foto (1)

The courses are monitored by an educated and friendly staff who walk you through a safety course in an instructional session prior to monkeying through the forest. I limited myself to the blue courses which can be challenging for people who have had little to no experience in activities that demand equal measures of concentration, balance, and agility at a height of 10 meters or more. I must say that I felt very safe as I wended my way through wobbly bridges, thin wire ropes, swinging buckets, and narrow ladders and I especially enjoyed my moments of flight where I zipped through the park at what felt like an incredible speed.

Foto (2)

Children and adults alike are welcome to experience the exhilaration and fun that is climbing, spinning, jumping, and zipping through the woods. Occasionally Vienna peeks out at you through the trees – the glance of the river, the gold of the sun over the glittering city – reminding you where you are as you tumble and fly.

Waldseilpark Kahlenberg
Josefsdorf 47
1190 Wien


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