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Veganista Ice Cream is, to put it simply, the best vegan ice cream I have ever tasted – and as a lactose-intolerant, food-loving woman, I have tasted my fair share of watery, fruit-based piles of ice that have more in common with a snow cone than a sundae. I am in awe of the flavors on tap at the shop – there are every day staples such as: vanilla, chocolate, poppy seed, basil, cookies, strawberry yogurt, Matcha, and coconut (which are hardly your average flavors) as well as specials that boast a creativity and variety that is truly inspiring. Yesterday’s specials included strawberry agave and orange-olive oil-saffron.

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I went the safe route and ordered cookies in a cone – and it was creamy and delicious and crunchy just as it always was in my dreams. To date I have also enjoyed coconut, chocolate, strawberry yogurt, and basil and I have yet to be disappointed.

I am happy to note that Veganista has always been busy when I’ve stopped by. Located on Neustiftgasse not too far from the Volkstheater, the shop is tucked into a funky neighborhood in a network of streets where it is easy to get lost and make happy discoveries – like delicious vegan ice cream! Two sisters are responsible for this great idea and its execution in a minimalist shop that reflects the motto of “honest ice cream” – there are no frills, there is just incredible.

Neustiftgasse 23
1070 Vienna


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